FAQ - Services

Are there any limitations on the subscription plan I will choose?

All our paid subscription plans have no restrictions on users, number of listings or total bookings that can be made.

Can I adopt my own booking cancellation policy?

Sure! Rainvol system allows you to adopt a custom booking cancellation policy that suites your needs. Keep in mind that in case of a cancellation we keep our booking fee.

Can I easily define the availability of my business and services?

With our Availability Calendar you can define and modify the availability (per day, week or month) of your services, choosing among tons of patterns with a few clicks.

Can I assign roles to my employees?

By selecting a paid subscription plan you can assign different roles and permissions to each of your team members. Our platform supports four key user roles: Business Owner, Admin, Manager and Staff. There is no limit to the number of users they can use Rainvol system.